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"In the face of a very hard, long labor, Tari was so calming and reassuring.  Her knowledge and experience is priceless!  When I was ready to give up, she helped me find the inner strength to keep going.  The end result was a beautiful baby girl and the birth experience we had always dreamed of!" Andrea L.  

"Tari's support before, during and after Svea's birth made a huge difference in our birth experience as well as our first weeks as parents.  I felt so supported during labor and believe Tari's suggestions, advice, and expertise are what made my birth expereince so positive.  I felt safe, strong and confident going into labor and throughout the process."
Chantal K.   

"She supported both of us so well!  I didn't have to worry about timing contractions or making sure labor was progressing.  Tari was always there, coaching us in what was necessary to get our baby out."    Brian K.  

"Thanks Tari for your amazing support! We feel so blessed to have had you on our team to bring little William into this world! " Sarah R.            

"During the birth, [Tari] stood back when it was time to stand back, and she stepped in when it was time to step in...Best of all, Tari experienced our baby's birth as exhilarating and joyful, right along with us!" Lindsay K.          

"Ican't think of anyone I would rather have at the birth of our children.  Our relationship with Tari started 10 years ago when we were pregnant with our first child.  My wife Laura said we should hire a Doula for the birthing.  Me,  the tightwad skeptic said WHY, it's just more money to spend!  We're going to be in Sutter Hospital, we have a doctor, nurses, a midwife, where would we squeeze in a Doula (thank goodness Tari is petite). 

      Obviously Laura won that argument and I'm so happy she did.      The thing is in the hospital, the doctors, nurses and midwives are understaffed.  Tari served an important function that I didn't know was needed, when you are in labor for 14 hours, it helps to have someone there that understands what is going on.  Between the breathing, walking, hugging, and confidence boosting, she is invaluable. 
      Looking back, it was one of the best financial investments I ever made.  Needless to say, Tari was back for all three of our next children which were born at home with no complications.  We consider her our good luck charm.  
We are so pleased to be able to recommend her to anybody having a baby!"               

Eric, Laura, Audrey, Ian, Jonah, and baby Summer! 


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