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Midwifery HomeBirth Package 

Birthing your baby at home means different things for different people.  Some do it for comfort, some for the piece of mind of avoiding unnecessary interventions, and some for the quality of care they receive before, during, and after their birth.  But the one commonality that all the families I have worked with share, is they choose homebirth because they understand it as a safe option for Mom and baby.  

Maternity Package Includes:  

  • Comprehensive prenatal care
                   Monthly visits up to 32 weeks,          
                   Bi-Monthly visits to 36 weeks,           
                   Weekly visits until birth
  • Lab work and Genetic Screens
  • Nutritional Counseling 
  • Birth Education
  • Continuity of care with in-home birth attendance
  • Postpartum care - a minimum of 3 in-home visits during the first 2 weeks post birth
  • Well-Woman care at 6 weeks postpartum
  • Continued support with a hospital transfer
  • Pay by credit card
  • Insurance Billing

"Tari is amazing! I was so lucky and thankful to have her as our midwife [under supervision] for the birth of Soren 4 weeks ago and as our doula for the birth of Kaleb 4 years ago.  I am impressed and very inspired by everything she does." Holly S.                   

"[Tari] was more helpful than I could ever imagine.  She's like Mary Poppins.  She has a never-ending bag of tricks and things that help you."
Jeff R.

Serving Santa Cruz County & Surrounding Areas
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